GES Warns Abena Serwaa to St0p Feeding her Pupils or would be Arrested…Full story

Last Week Teacher Kojo a comic YouTuber and Abena Serwaa a teacher at Animkrom D/A Primary School made it known that Abena Serwaa the teacher who has been using her salary to provide food and snacks for her Pupils has been summoned to present Documents that validate her to cook for the Pupils.

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She came to Accra and met her boss at their GES Offices in Accra. According to her she has been warned to stop providing anything consumeabl to the Pupils or else be arrest€d by the pol!ce.

She took to Social Media and demanded Justice for Pupils and Herself.

This hasn’t been a go0d Development for everyone who initially supported her cause all because it was clear the Government wasn’t d0ing it so there Needed t0 be someone else to do it buy unfortunately Ges is saying no.

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Other ideas suggest that, She somewhere at the middle of her cause called for supportive hands from her fans on Facebook t0 come in and support her. This could be the case GES is potentially trying to stop a p0lice case.


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