Go to Nigeria for Good Music… Shatta Wale blast Ghanaians

The Dancehall King Of Africa Shatta Wale has spoken and blasted people who have been jabbing Gh artist all because Wizkid and Burna Boy won their first GRAMMY awards therefore trying to make Legends like Sarkodie, Stonebwoy and Sarkodie look small on the picture forgetting GRAMMYs isn’t something we work had for.

The Dancehall King lately one Don didn’t want to speak on this Issue but as the comparing became too fat that he wouldn’t contain it anymore then he exploded saying

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If you want better songs and you Think Ghanaian Artis cannot give you that then move and go stay in Nigeria so that They can give you that song.

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Now Enough is enough. Shattta Wale has ended the Conversation 🤗