Lyrics: Testimony by Prince Isaac Wakhatenge

Testimony by Prince Isaac Wakhatenge


Let me the testimony,
To the whole world….
Let everyone, know that
Yo the Lord of impossibilities.*2

Verse 1

Here is yo child Isaac,
Lord crying for yo help.*2
I look this side,I look the other side,
I can’t see oh Lord for any help.
That’s why I have come before you,
With all of my heart.
Oh Lord forgive me
And rescue my life.

Verse 2

I wanted to reach higher in my studies,
But I failed to get school fees.
I wanted to stay the life which is luxurious,
My God all are impossible.
I decided to hustle,in order to earn something,
But am mistreated by my masters.
I decided to stay in reserve,
But nothing to eat.
Oh Lord be my Redeemer.
That’s why I have come before you God,
To be ma helper,to be ma strong tower and to be ma lifter.

Verse 3

Why have you hided yo face,
From helping me Lord.
Iam suffering Lord,IAM crying for yo help.
Turn ma mess into message,
My trial into triouph
Turn ma test into a testimony.
Once they see me succeeding,once they see me progressing.
And I will be the Testimony to the whole world.



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