Man wakes from d£@th two weeks h!s wife got marr!ed t0 another man

Well, this story is we!rd one, a miraculous one indeed.

The Man in the picture who work in the city of Abuja was involved in a car Acc!dent and was conf!rmed d£@d by the doct0rs.

His work mates sent the message back to his wife and family members in the village that their relatives has pas$ed [email protected]
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Because of poverty b0th the family and the w!fe wanted to skip responsibilities and let the pol!ce burry him in the City instead tracing his b0dy for proper bur!al.

Two days later just as the doct0rs were about to deposit h!m to the motuary, they saw him responding to br£athe. So they decided to give him some time.

Two months later in the Hospital, The [email protected] regained full strength and asked why none of h!s family come to see him but n0 one answered. He was discharged back to house.

He made preparations and went back to his v!llage not knowing he has been declar£d d£@d already. He reached and what a shock ! Every body i$ running away from him.
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He then came to know even his w!fe has gotten marr!ed to an0ther man and he is d£@d. Upon hearing this, he t00k to the street to [email protected]

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