New York State Officials Finalize Deal To Legalize Marijuana (Wee)

New York State Officials Finalize Deal To Legalize Marijuana (Wee)

New York State

 will become the 15th States in America to have legal Marijuana for recreational and home use purposes.

Information according to the New York Times has it that “allow delivery of the drug and permit club-like lounges or ‘consumption sites’ where marijuana, but not alcohol, could be consumed”

New York law markers are expected to pass the bill on April 1st 2021 which will come to stay and be active in 2022.

On Wednesday, Cuomo told reporters cannabis legalization was among his top executive priorities for the state’s upcoming budget

“We’ve been trying to legalize cannabis for three years. I’ve failed about every year. We’re close, but we’ve been close three times before,” Cuomo told reporters Wednesday. “We have passed the point of legalized cannabis. It’s in New Jersey. It’s in Massachusetts.

To say we’re going to stop it is not an option; it’s already here. … I believe New York is the progressive capital of the nation—not just because we say it is but because we perform that way. And  legalizing cannabis is this year’s priority to be the progressive capital of the nation. We won’t be the first, but our program will be the best.”

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