Reasons why Teacher Abenah Serwaah was [email protected] by GES for Feeding her students Revealed

Reasons why Teacher Abenah Serwaah was sanctioned by GES for Feeding her students Revealed

The Ghana Education Service

 (GES) has issued a warning and is considering sanctioning Teacher Abenah Serwaah Mankosa for using her students to solicit funds for her personal use.

Yes, multiple blogging site users have shared and revealed the concrete reason why she will be sanctioned and placed in a higher level of serious problem. (From social media.)

For those who are unfamiliar with Abenah Serwaah Mankosa, she is a teacher who has been recognized and regarded by many as a philanthropist who lavishes school uniforms, meals, snacks, nose masks, and many other items on her students.

However, according to current news, many have accused her of using students to solicit funds, which is extremely bad and must be addressed immediately and appropriately to prevent others, particularly teachers, from copying and pasting her actions.

Ms Rebecca Yeboah, the district’s DCE, has also expressed her thoughts on the ongoing scandal involving Teacher Abenah Serwaah Mankosa and GES.

Abenah’s behavior, she claims, is a well-coordinated attempt to tarnish the image of her students.

Yes, she questions Abenah’s behavior by giving her students protein supplements and feeding them meals and snacks.

Here’s the most concrete and legitimate reason why Teacher Abenah Serwaah Mankosa is said to be in trouble, as many have discovered.

According to them, Teacher Abenah Serwaah Mankosa is not even remorseful for the character she has displayed because she still went ahead and spilled something she is unaware of.

They believe she should be punished in order to prevent others from following in her footsteps.

To prevent others from imitating her.

To prevent others from posting photos of students on social media, particularly when they are putting on their school uniforms.



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